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Privacy and Terms of Service

The following terms regulate the usage of the Tiflotecnia Voices for NVDA software and this web site, created and maintained by Tiflotecnia, lda. By purchasing and using Tiflotecnia Voices for NVDA, you, the user, are agreeing to all of these terms and conditions. For any doubts or questions, please contact Tiflotecnia, lda.

  1. A Tiflotecnia Voices for NVDA license is only valid for a single person or entity and can be used in three (3) computers at the same time.
  2. Tiflotecnia, lda. only stores the necessary data to verify that a license is not being used abusively, that means, in more than 3 devices. This data doesn't contain any personal information.
  3. You can use Tiflotecnia Voices for NVDA without internet license verification.
  4. You agree that, by using Tiflotecnia Voices for NVDA, Tiflotecnia, lda. will not be liable for any damage or problems that the product may cause on your computer or electronic devices, neither be responsible for any bugs or malfunctions that Tiflotecnia Voices for NVDA may have. You understand that Tiflotecnia Voices for NVDA is provided "as-is", without any guaranties that it will function always correctly for all uses and purposes.
  5. However, Tiflotecnia, lda., given its limitations, is committed to correct and improve Tiflotecnia Voices for NVDA, whenever possible and desirable for the majority of its users.